RDR Technologies specializes in fire-related chemicals like fire retardant, fire fighting foam, fire retardant paints and more. We work with manufacturers and suppliers all over the country, so we can offer you exactly the right product to solve your problem. We are familiar with building codes relating to fire safety, and we have worked with fire marshals, building inspectors and architects quite extensively. So if we can't fix your problem, we know someone who can!

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NOW OFFERING ON-SITE APPLICATION: RDR Technologies may be available to travel to your jobsite to apply flame retardant to fabrics and wall coverings. Call for info.
Cold Fire in action at the Indy 500!

Watch dramatic video from Cold Fire demo in Houston



Fire Retardant Sprays, Coatings & Paints

Cold Fire is the ONE fire fighting foam that can put out ANY fire - faster, safer, cheaper - and never goes bad!

Cold Fire is a non-toxic, eco-friendly fire extinguishing agent that can put out any Class A or B fire (and most Class D fires) - structures, brush, cars and tires, metals, hydrocarbons and polar solvents - in less time, with a fraction of the water.

Cold Fire™ works in two ways to remove heat and the fuel sources from the fire tetrahedron. In a liquid fuel fire, it works first as a foaming agent to suppress vapors and smother the flames, and second as a surfactant to mix with the fuel and encapsulate it at the molecular level.

Perhaps most importantly, Cold Fire is completely non-toxic to firefighters, even if ingested in large quantities. Plus, Cold Fire captures both free radicals and hydrocarbons in the fuel, eliminating toxins in the soot and smoke and reducing firefighters risk of injury and disease. more >>>

BanFire Flame Retardant

Just spray onto nearly any absorbant material to protect from the spread of flames. Meets most requirements for fire marshals and Life Code 101 for hanging fabrics in public places. Perfect for curtains and drapes, wall hangings and decorations. Rated NFPA 701 for textiles and fabrics. Great fire retardant spray for schools, nursing homes and restaurants. more >>>

Contego is an amazing fire retardant intumescent paint that goes on smooth like a primer, and forms an impenetrable barrier of char when exposed to flame, protecting whatever is underneath. Time-Rated from 15 minutes to 3 hours. UL listed and tested to nearly every standard for wood, foam, steel, aluminum and more, Contego is simply an incredible protection against fire that meets the necessary NFPA codes. more >>>

Lumber Guard is a new fire retardant product carried by RDR that has multiple ratings and testing for interior wood, including ASTM E84 (30 minutes), ASTM E119 - 1 hour rated • ASTM E119 I-Joist IRC 501.3 (17 minute rated), NFPA 255/286, ANSI/UL723 & UBC 42.1 and CAN/UL S102 Class A. This means it meets many of the new IBC codes, especially for engineered wooden I-joists used in residential and commercial structures. more >>> Also Lumber Guard XT for exterior use! 
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